Intuitive eating affirmations can serve as reminders to help you implement the core principles of intuitive eating. Use these affirmations as motivators to adopt a non-diet approach to healthy eating and to help you move away from restrictive diets and food rules.

You can read more about each core principle here.


Reject the Diet Mentality

  • Food is not my enemy; it’s nourishment and enjoyment.
  • Eating is a natural, joyful act, and I savor every bite.
  • I reject diet culture and embrace self-acceptance.
  • I trust my body to guide me, not external diet rules.
  • Diets don’t work; self-compassion does.
  • I listen to my body, not the latest diet trends
  • I choose nourishment over deprivation.
  • I reject diet culture and its harmful messages.
  • I nourish my body with love, not restriction.
  • I choose self-acceptance and self-care over diets.
  • I am breaking free from the diet mentality for a healthier and happier life.


Honor Your Hunger

  • I trust my body’s hunger cues.
  • Hunger is my body’s natural way of asking for nourishment.
  • I eat when I’m hungry to fuel my body and mind.
  • I listen to my body’s hunger cues without judgment.
  • I eat when I’m hungry to fuel my body and mind.
  • I trust my body to tell me when it’s time to eat.
  • I honor my hunger as a sign of self-care and well-being.
  • Feeling hunger is a normal and healthy part of being human.
  • I give myself permission to eat when I’m hungry.
  • I respect my body’s unique hunger patterns and needs.
  • Hunger is not an inconvenience; it’s a vital signal.
  • I savor the experience of eating when I’m truly hungry.


Make Peace with Food

  • I am free from guilt and shame about my food choices.
  • I give myself permission to enjoy all foods without judgment.
  • Intuitive eating is a journey, and I trust the process.
  • I trust my inner wisdom to make food choices
  • I make peace with food by letting go of guilt and judgment.
  • All foods have a place in my life; I embrace variety without fear.
  • I release restrictive thoughts and welcome food freedom.
  • Eating is a joyful experience, and I choose to savor it fully
  •  Listen to my body, not external food rules.
  • I give myself unconditional permission to eat.
  • I let go of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ labels and find balance.
  • I honor my body’s cravings and allow myself to enjoy them.
  • I give myself permission to eat without conditions or regrets.
  • I choose peace with food over inner conflict and restriction.


Challenge the Food Police

  • I am the expert of my own body and its needs.
  • There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, only choices that nourish or satisfy.
  • I reject the notion of ‘cheat’ or ‘guilty’ foods.
  • I reject the diet culture’s unrealistic food standards.
  • I trust my inner wisdom to guide my food decisions.
  • I am free to eat without guilt or shame.
  • I eat for health and pleasure, not to conform to external standards.


Discover the Satisfaction Factor

  • I am in tune with my body’s unique needs and preferences.
  • I eat mindfully, savoring each moment and flavor.
  • I savor each bite, finding pleasure in every flavor.
  • Eating is a delightful experience, and I indulge in it fully.
  • I honor my cravings and find satisfaction in my food choices.
  • I trust my body to tell me what feels satisfying.
  • The satisfaction I find in eating nourishes my body and spirit.
  • I am present in the moment, enjoying the sensory delight of food.
  • I choose foods that truly satisfy me, both physically and emotionally.
  • Satisfaction is a key to contentment; I prioritize it in my meals.
  • I eat with intention, finding joy in every bite.
  • My meals are a celebration of life, and I savor the satisfaction they bring.


 Feel Your Fullness

  • I honor my fullness and stop when I’m satisfied.
  • I listen to my body’s signals and respect my fullness.
  • Fullness is a sign of nourishment; I embrace it without guilt.
  • I trust my body to tell me when I’ve had enough to eat.
  • I eat until I am satisfied, not until I am overly full.
  • Fullness is a natural part of the eating experience; I welcome it.
  • I am mindful of my body’s cues, stopping when I’m comfortably full.
  • I release the need to clean my plate; I honor my fullness instead.
  • Listening to my fullness helps me maintain a healthy relationship with food.
  • I prioritize my well-being by eating in alignment with my body’s needs.
  • Satisfaction comes from eating to fullness, not beyond it.


Cope with Your Emotions Without Using Food

  • I am developing a healthier relationship with food and emotions, one step at a time.
  • I choose to listen to my emotions, not suppress them with food.
  • Emotions are like passing clouds; they will not consume me.
  • I pause and breathe before I eat to check if I’m truly hungry or just emotional.
  • I am resilient, and I can navigate emotions without turning to food.
  • I choose self-compassion over self-criticism when I turn to food for comfort.
  • I forgive myself for occasional emotional eating; it’s a part of being human.
  • I am in control of my eating choices, even in moments of emotional distress.


Respect Your Body

  • My worth is not determined by my weight or appearance.
  • I trust my body’s wisdom.
  • My body deserves love and care.
  • I am more than a number on a scale.
  • I focus on health, not weight.
  • I embrace my body’s natural shape and size with love and acceptance.
  • I prioritize self-care and self-compassion in my relationship with my body.
  • I am grateful for the incredible things my body allows me to do every day.
  • I am the caretaker of my body, and I choose to care for it lovingly.
  • I celebrate my body for its resilience, strength, and beauty in its own unique way.


Exercising for the Sake of Feeling Well

  • I move my body because it brings me joy, not out of obligation.
  • Exercise is a celebration of what my body can do, not a punishment for what I ate.
  • I choose activities that make me feel alive and energized.
  • My worth is not determined by the intensity or duration of my workouts.
  • I listen to my body’s cues and rest when I need it, without guilt.
  • I find pleasure in the process of moving, rather than focusing solely on end goals.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the world through movement.
  • I honor my body by finding activities that align with my interests and passions.


Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition

  • I choose foods that honor my well-being.
  • I embrace a variety of foods, celebrating both healthful options and indulgent treats.
  • I choose foods that nourish my body and make me feel good.
  • I focus on the long-term benefits of balanced nutrition rather than short-term results.
  • I trust my body’s wisdom to guide my food choices.
  • I prioritize balance and moderation in my diet.
  • I enjoy the process of cooking and preparing nourishing meals.
  • I focus on how food makes me feel, rather than strictly on calories or macros.
  • I respect my dietary preferences and any specific nutritional needs I may have.
  • I can nourish my body while also allowing flexibility and pleasure in my food choices.
  • I listen to my body’s signals and prioritize self-care through nourishing choices.
  • Nutrition is about nourishment, not punishment.
  • I trust my body to guide me in making balanced food choices.
  • I find joy in discovering new, nutritious foods to include in my diet.