Quinoa is my favorite grain to makes soups or stews with. This quinoa vegetable bean stew is one of my go-to meals when I want to make a simple and quick vegan stew. 

Many of the ingredients are items that I always keep in my pantry (i.e., quinoa, canned beans, canned tomatoes, broth, spices). For the vegetables, you can really use whatever you have on hand in the fridge. Even using a few cups of frozen vegetables would work if it’s the end of the week and there isn’t much fresh produce left in the fridge. I love recipes that are versatile and allow you to make do with what you have. 


Step One: Prep the Vegetables

Anytime you make a vegetable soup or stew, wash and chop all the vegetables before you start cooking. For this stew, that will include chopping onion, carrots, celery, spinach, and garlic (or whatever vegetables you’re using). When I add spinach to stews, I like to roughly chop it first so I don’t end up eating a big spoonful of spinach. 


Step Two: Cook the Vegetables

Sautee the onion until it softens, then add the carrot, celery, and garlic and cook until those are soft.

quinoa bean stew


Step Three: Let It Simmer

Quinoa has a natural coating that’s kind of bitter so make sure to thoroughly rinse the quinoa in a fine-mesh strainer ahead of time. 

Once the quinoa is rinsed, add the quinoa, broth, tomatoes, and seasonings and bring to a simmer. Partially cover the pot, and cook for about 30 minutes, until the quinoa is cooked. 


Step Four: Add the Beans, Spinach, and Lemon Juice

After the quinoa is cooked, add the beans and spinach and cook a few minutes until the spinach is wilted. Turn off the heat and add a few tablespoons of lemon juice. Don’t worry, it won’t taste overly lemony. The lemon juice just gives the stew a subtle freshness and added flavor.   


Storing Quinoa Vegetable Bean Strew

The leftover stew can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. You can also freeze it for several months. Soups and stews make wonderful freezer meals. 

quinoa vegetable bean stew


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Quinoa Vegetable Bean Stew

Gluten-free quinoa vegetable bean stew made with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, spinach, tomatoes, and kidney beans. A filling and nutritious meal great for meal prep or a quick and easy dinner.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time45 minutes
Total Time55 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: gluten-free, quinoa, stew, vegan
Servings: 4
Author: Gabriella @ Nutritious Minimalist


  • 1 cup quinoa, rinsed well in a fine-mesh strainer
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 medium-sized yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 large carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 3 celery stalks, chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 4 cups vegetable broth
  • 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes, drained
  • 15 oz. can of kidney beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1/2 tsp dried basil
  • 3 cups baby spinach, roughly chopped
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste


  • Heat oil in a Dutch oven or large pot over medium heat. Cook the onion 3 minutes until softened. Add celery, carrots, and garlic and cook another 8 minutes until softened.
  • Add the quinoa, paprika, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, broth, and tomatoes. Bring to a simmer, cover partially and cook for 30 minutes.
  • Add the beans and spinach and cook 5 minutes. Stir in the lemon juice.


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quinoa vegetable bean stew